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Welcome to the new Villa Brevik



christopherikonferenslokalOur aim is quite simply for Villa Brevik to be one of the best conference centres in the Stockholm area. We have therefore made a large number of alterations over the years with a view to meeting our customers¡¯ requirements in terms of quality and environment. Today, Villa Brevik is once again looking to expand and renew its concept. We have 21 new hotel rooms, mostly combi rooms that can be used both as singles and doubles. They feature typically Swedish design with a bright warm colour scheme and a cosy atmosphere. Altogether, Villa Brevik offers 70 hotel rooms that can accommodate 100 overnight guests. We have connected the new building to the existing main-building with the help of our 150 square metres of glassed-in conservatory where guests can mingle or simply enjoy a well-deserved coffee break. The relaxation section has also been extended to include a brand new steam sauna and relaxation room. In addition, there is a new parking lot in the southernmost section of the garden with space for 25 vehicles.


At Villa Brevik, we focus on creating the kind of environment that most of our customers, companies and organisations can identify with. The premises have to be functional and practical while meeting high quality standards and the conference centre must be stylish and elegant without feeling overly luxurious. To help our customers hold successful conferences or meetings, we prioritise  ¡°softer¡± values, such as professional service, personal commitment, a kitchen that serves delicious gourmet meals and a warm and comfortable environment.


Our hotel rooms are mostly intended for sleeping. To make sure that our guests get a good night¡¯s sleep, we have invested in top-of-the-range beds and bedding. All our facilities are gathered under a single roof, saving time and enhancing convenience, especially when the weather is less than mild The garden is one of my great passions and we put a great deal of effort into its upkeep. It is a genuinely soothing place for a quiet walk in your free time and the bower is ideal for group work in fine weather. Villa Brevik is often the number one choice of conference centre for our customers because of its proximity to Stockholm, and because we see to it that all the right conditions are in place to ensure that your conference or meeting is a complete success.

I hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Kind regards,
Christopher Bailey, MD


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VILLA BREVIK, SÖDRA KUNGSVÄGEN 254, BOX 3056 181 03 LIDINGÖ, 08-766 65 00, 08-766 54 73