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The oldest part of Villa Brevik dates back to 1920. The first owner was a district judge named Stolt, although his ownership proved short-lived when the building was sold just three years later.


Over the years, the building has changed hands many times. At the end of the fifties, HSB purchased it to transform it into an internal training facility that came to be known as HSB Skolan (the HSB School). It was also extended with the addition of two rows of overnight accommodation, enabling full board and lodging to be offered. In 1985, the facility was extended once again, this time doubling in size to include even more overnight accommodation, a new auditorium seating up to 100 people and an equally large modern dining room. The interior featured Nordic wood and a bright colour scheme for furnishings and fabrics. But as times changed, so did the school. In 1992, the facility changed its name to Villa Brevik and a major transformation process began to turn this internal training facility into a commercial enterprise in the form of an external conference and study centre.


Villa Brevik was sold in 1997 to Christopher Bailey, who had served as head of the facility and had played an important part in its latter-day successes. The conference centre has since been adapted in keeping with its customers¡¯ requirements and wishes. The renovations and extensions, which were completed in 2003, added 21 new hotel rooms, 150 square metres of glassed-in winter garden, a fresh sauna and relaxation section and an extended pub and wine cellar.



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