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The delicious smell of freshly baked bread wafts gently through Villa Brevik. It*s early morning and the kitchen is a hive of activity. The loaves and breakfast rolls are almost ready and the cinnamon buns are just rising before they are baked 每 good things come to those who wait#.

Once breakfast is over, preparations begin for lunch. The fishmonger*s van has not yet arrived, so the chefs concentrate on the garnishes and accompaniments. The main course at lunch is generally an exclusive fish, shellfish or poultry dish 每 delicious and nutritious without being too heavy. Our aim is to ensure that conference delegates feel refreshed and satisfied after a well-balanced meal.

A light starter and a fresh salad buffet is also included in our lunches. For dinner, we serve a main course and dessert. All dishes are prepared using nothing but the very best produce and nothing is ready-made or processed.

Our goal is to combine classic cuisine with inspiration and originality and we sometimes allow ourselves to borrow an idea or two from the latest gastronomic trends.

Our menus are generally written at the last minute so that we can adapt them to the best fresh produce available at the time. Our chefs are given considerable creative leeway to incorporate their own personalities into the meals they create, thus ensuring variation in the dishes we produce.
We are happy to cater to your individual wishes and work on the principle that nothing is impossible!

We have waiting staff to serve both lunch and dinner, so all you have to do is choose your table, pull up a chair and relax 每 no queues, no hassle, just a relaxing and harmonious meal. Our dining room seats 140 people.

Last, but by no means least, we would like to mention our restaurant*s own environmental initiative.

• We use only china 每 none of our material is disposable.
• We never throw away leftover food 每 everything is composted for    use in the garden



VILLA BREVIK, SÖDRA KUNGSVÄGEN 254, BOX 3056 181 03 LIDINGÖ, 08-766 65 00, 08-766 54 73