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The environment Travel description History


The environment


Environmental initiative at Villa Brevik
As well as being a conference centre that accommodates around 100 guests a day, Villa Brevik is a workplace for some 20 members of staff. It is therefore of the utmost importance and interest to ensure that our work does not have a negative impact on our environment.
Both in the long- and short-term perspective, all employees at Villa Brevik make every effort to conserve the earth¡¯s limited resources. Environmental sustainability and recycling are ideas that are fundamental to both our decision-making processes and our day-to-day work.


Christopher Bailey, MD


Villa Brevik meets environmental diploma requirements
Robert Hansson, Environmental Manager



VILLA BREVIK, SÖDRA KUNGSVÄGEN 254, BOX 3056 181 03 LIDINGÖ, 08-766 65 00, 08-766 54 73